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    Stronger Democracy. Better Canada.


    With your donation, you are helping to drive a rigorous research agenda designed to strengthen our democracy, towards a better Canada.  

    The Samara Centre for Democracy is a non-partisan charity dedicated to strengthening Canada’s democracy, making it more accessible, responsive, and inclusive. Samara produces action-based research—as well as tools and resources for active citizens and public leaders—designed to engage Canadians in their democracy.  


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    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Jane Hilderman at or 416-960-7927.


     The Samara Centre for Democracy is a registered charity. Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $25. 

    Charitable number: 843093295RR0001


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    Samara Volunteer Opportunities

    How can I keep up to date on volunteer opportunities?

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    When you fill out the volunteer sign-up form, your email will be added to our list of volunteers who receive a newsletter about once a month packed with different ways you can help Samara with various projects and events!

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    Samara Volunteer Perks

    Are there any perks to being a volunteer?

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    Yes! Volunteers receive advance copies of our reports and usually get first dibs on tickets to special events. We also host wine and cheese nights for our volunteers every couple of months at our Toronto office. Many volunteers feel that by getting involved they’ve also had the chance to develop skills, and become connected to a network of individuals interested in politics.

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    Samara Volunteer Locations

    Do I have to be in Toronto?

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    Definitely not, we have volunteers throughout the country!

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    Samara Volunteers Writing

    Can I write for Samara?

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    Samara welcomes guest contributions to our blog. If you have news, research or reviews you'd like to share, we encourage you to contact us with your draft post although we cannot guarantee that we'll have the capacity to publish.

    Editorial guidelines

    Submissions can cover a range of topics and take a variety of forms, from research and analysis to book reviews and profiles. If you are interested in writing for the Samara blog, we ask that you send your complete draft post to In the body of your email, include a brief description of the subject and central argument of your article. In your attached draft, please follow the below guidelines.

    Submissions to Samara’s blog should:

    • Remain non-partisan and clearly relate to the themes of Samara's work
    • Be 600 words or less (2-3 part posts are not a norm and only used in special circumstances)
    • Relate to democratic institutions, traditions or citizen experiences. Samara does not publish articles about policy issues (e.g. environment, healthcare)
    • Include audio, video and/or pictures where possible
    • Include a picture of the author (that’s you!) and 2-3 sentences about you and your relationship to the topic on which you’ll be writing

    Please also note that while Samara welcomes guest blog posts we maintain a high editorial standard. Articles may be edited by Samara staff (all edits will be sent to you for approval) and not all work will be published. Once you've sent your post, you can generally anticipate a response within two weeks. 


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    Samara Volunteer Skills

    Do I need any special skills?

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    There are no particular skills or education that we require for volunteers. Sometimes we will need specialized help such as graphic design or data analysis, but usually you’ll just need access to the internet. If you do have an area of expertise let us know in your application so we can keep it in mind when opportunities come up.

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    Samara Volunteer Tasks

    What do volunteers usually do?

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    We need help with a diversity of tasks that include research assistance, helping out at events, marketing and outreach. To give you a better idea, here are some projects that volunteers have worked on in the past:
        - Translating materials into French
        - Mining 1200 MP websites for information that will go into future reports and the Samara Index
        - Spreading the word about Samara’s work to potential partners across the country          
        - Creating an interactive video around the Speech from the Throne

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    Samara Volunteers

    Who are Samara’s volunteers?

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    Samara has a network of over 250 volunteers all over Canada, with a few scattered abroad. Volunteers range from students in undergraduate programs to young and mid-career professionals, to retired folks who care about the state of Canadian democracy. We welcome people of all ages, educational backgrounds, cultural backgrounds and political stripes to work with us.